A #ShopLocal alternative to Amazon

Imagine searching for products made or sold in Derry on a single website and then paying to have them delivered – just like we’d do on Amazon?  Now imagine all that money staying in the local economy instead of leaving the city!

This is the goal of the Pure Derry Market ✊

(A screenshot of the Pure Derry Market homepage taken during development)

*Not cos we hate Amazon, but cos we LOVE Derry. ❤️ We want to give independent businesses an alternative platform that supports the local economy, creates new jobs and showcases Derry to the world. ????

How It Works

The Pure Derry Market will allow brands and businesses across the city to signup to a single eCommerce platform, that anyone can use to shop local – no matter where they are. Sellers manage their own products, set their own delivery costs and decide how they deliver their service.  Payments will be taken centrally and redistributed to our vendors using Stripe Connect minus a small sales commission.

Sellers manage their own inventory

Vendors will be able to manage their own products, prices and stock levels on their admin dashboard.

Customers can search, browse & buy

Customers search across all products on the Pure Derry Market at once to find something suitable.

Sellers fulfil their own orders

Vendors will dispatch their own orders. Email notifications, shipping manifests are all included.

Payments are taken centrally & distributed

We process all payments centrally and pay our vendors every 14 days - minus sales commission.

Who Can Join?

In principle any business thats makes or sells products in the BT47 & BT48 area are eligible to join – provided they meet certain criteria.  (see the list below)

We are especially interested in showcasing the best local MAKERS in the city at launch. (Brands who create their own products and produce).  However SELLERS (Those who buy and sell third-party products) are also very important to us as we want to have a diverse selection of products.

In each case though we reserve the right to onboard vendors strategically and selectively to ensure quality, reliability and sustainability on the marketplace.

We do have a few ground rules though:

You must be trading at least 3+ months

You must have already made proven sales to customers

You can demonstrate your products have been appreciated by customers

You must have a social media presence for your brand/business

Your products must be of good quality and of relevance to Derry customers

You must sign up to a code of conduct for sellers.

You must be trading from the Derry area

You must agree to pay us a small sales commission.

You must know what a gravy ring is.

C'mere I have a question, hi!

We know you’ll have other questions too, and we’re working on adding more information.  In the meantime if you have a specific question, feel free to ask on the form below.  (We’ll add the best to a new FAQ section)

Apply To Join

  • Tell us about you..

  • Incase we need to ring you. We won't share with anyone.
  • Tell us about the business...

  • How many months and/or years?
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Website etc. An online presence of some description is mandatory.
  • More about us about your business & products

  • A make & sell produces/designs their own products or merchandise for sale. Buy & sell deals in third-party produce. (Some may do both)
  • Note: Please try to keep it to single phrases seperated by spaces, i.e. 'Clothes, Gift Vouchers, Branded Merchandise'
    Check as many as are relevant.
  • Tell us this and tell us no more....


Due to the high level of interest in the Pure Derry Market we temporarily won’t be accepting any new applications until further notice.  This short pause will give us time to coordinate with the local businesses who have already applied whilst we build the first release of the marketplace.

However don’t worry – applications will re-open in early 2021 (date TBC).  If you would like to stay informed about this you can pre-register below and we’ll drop you an email when we’re ready to accept new vendors. Apologies for any inconvenience.